Thursday, March 25, 2010

Australia--New Life?

So I have decided that I want to do something new with my life--however, it is kind of scary. I like teaching, but I am ready for a change. I have been talking for a year about moving and trying something and that new thing would be Australia. I have been researching Governess Jobs there and they sound very appealing. However, I still get freaked out when I think about leaving American soil on my own.

As an Australian Governess my job would entail: living on a station (a station is a what a ranch is), waking up around six in the morning to get the children ready for the day, make them breakfast and then it's off to the classroom to teach the students their lessons for the day, during the day we would all take a break for "smoko," (not sure what a smoko is--but using my 4th grade reading skills I think I can figure it out), and then prepare dinner for the children and get the children ready for bed, ending my day with them around 7:00.

I'm thinking it would be a very long day indeed, however, I would earn up to $900 US Dollars a week and my room and board would be free. The place I would live would be on the station in my own separate apartment, which is generally the same building as the school house.

There are many postives and many negatives to this whole idea, but I'm still on the fence and leaning toward taking the safe, comfortably easy way, which is to stay where I am. However, thoughts are always welcome!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Change is going to come into our lives during one time or another. There have been a lot of changes happening in mine. I'm grateful for them, however it still stinks at times. I mean come on, does anyone really like change? Not me! I'm actually the worst when it comes to change, I get cranky, short-tempered, and act like the world is coming to an end. The changes in my life are going really well! Anyway, I know it was a short post, however, very theraputic! I need to try and remember to post more often!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lessons Learned while at Disneyland

So I just got back from another Disneyland trip and needless to say, it was AMAZING! I love being there. It's like I'm stepping out of reality and into a magical world. (Obviously it's magical) Anyway, I have learned a few lessons while at Disneyland and I thought it might be fun to share them with everyone!

I had a rough time in July with my shoe situation, so I figured that this time I would go in my most comfortable shoes--my Dr. Martens. So I was excited that I would be free of that worry this time around, but unbeknownst to me, while I was enjoying being a child, my feet were forming blisters from my "most comfortable shoes." So lesson number one: Despite how comfortable you think your shoes are, they really aren't.

That brings us to lesson number two: when walking for hours on end, choose wisely as to where the hotel is that you will be staying. I love to walk, don't get me wrong; but at the end of an adventure-filled child-like day of magical creatures, beautiful princes and princesses, and exotic jungle cruises you just want to be able to leave and quickly crash into a comfy bed so you can get ready for the next day of dillusion. Point being, our hotel was about a half a mile away from Disneyland and we decided that we didn't want to pay for parking so we walked. In the morning it seemed like a very quick walk, but after our day of endless walking, it seemed like we were never going to get home and put our feet up.

Ever refused to try something new that really won't harm you? Well, when I was with my family at Disneyland in July, my 10 year-old sister really wanted to go on the Tower of Terror and the California Screamer and no one would go on them with her. As I recall, that is all she talked about. I felt bad for her because I was too afraid to go and she was too young to go by herself, so with the help of my parents and other sisters, I convinced her not to go on those rides, telling her that it was just going to make her sick or something to that affect. Well, this time my roommate Laura dragged me to each one of those rides (with me really freaking out on occasion) and I ended up loving them. Lesson number three learned, never refuse to do something that is not really dangerous just because you're afraid. Cassie, I'm sorry for whimping out on you!

I've decided that I am really, really not a tourist! I want to apologize to any wonderful toursists out there who like to have tangible evidence to a memory of something great by taking pictures. It has been discovered and decided that I am not one of those people. I don't like to stop at every little thing to take a picture and I don't like to look at life through a camera lens. So when my wonderfully amazing roommates found something cute and possibly a photographic memory, needless to say I was irritated and agitated just waiting for them to get their pictures taken. As for lesson learned, number four is the one I know for a fact, I don't like to waste wonderful exploring time and adventures just to stop and take a picture. (For those that knew me as a child, I was the same way.)

Never underestimate the power of an egg. My roommate Yasmine did and all it did was explode in face. Which was actually quite hysterical for the rest of us. You see we were staying at a hotel where there was contiental breakfast and Yasmine got a hard boiled egg (the shell was already peeled off). When we got to our room the egg had gone cold, so Yasmine thought logically to heat it up in our microwave. Little did she and the rest of of know (or realize at the time) that because microwaves heat from the inside out, the egg's yolk got so hot that the heat had no where to go. When Yasmine used her fork to cut the egg so she could eat it, it literally exploded with the popping sound and everything. The egg was everywhere and Yasmine was left trying to figure out what just happened. We will forever get a good laugh out of that one! Thanks, Yaz!

Final lesson learned was the most important. Never take for granted the power of good family and friends to spend an amazing experience with. I had so much fun on both of my Disneyland trips, and I have wonderful people to thank for that! My parents, sisters, and yes even my roommates! I love acting like a kid and who better to do it with than people you love to spend time with!

Monday, September 29, 2008

What's in a name?

So I've finally named my new car. I chose this one with no help from anyone else! His name is Wentworth. I know unusual name, but it comes from one of the most gorgeous men alive. My friend introduced me to a TV show called "Prison Break" and I absolutely love it! I think it's because it reminds me of "Alias" because of the constant never-knowing what is going to happen. Anyway the main actor is Wentworth Miller and he is seriously beautiful. My roommate, Laura told me that a friend of her's described him as "Smoldering" and I completely agree. Therefore he has officially been dubbed "McSmoldering." Okay, so enough already with my ranting about Wentworth, but it does give you an explanation as to why I chose that name for my car!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

It starts, continues, and ends...

Wow! It's been so long since I last wrote. I honestly don't care if anyone actually reads this, but I just enjoy writing.

Anyway, life has been crazy since I last wrote! My family came in July and we went to Disneyland together! I love them so much and we had an amazing time! I really miss my family, I am more homesick these days than I let myself think about. I guess it's just a fact of life. I really miss being able to be in a home where the Priesthood is present everyday. I look forward to the time when I have that blessing again. Now, I'm getting too sappy. Anyway....

When my family left I was put in charge of getting a group at church ready to compete in our own "So You Think You Can Dance" competition. I had no idea what to do for it, so I called for reinforcements! My friends Derek and Ariane came to our rescue. We told them what we wanted and they put the routine together for us! When the night came for the competition we were ready! I was nervous because I didn't want to let my group down! During our performance, I messed up a few times, but I made sure that I didn't laugh when I danced with Nick (something I had been doing during practice and I was supposed to!). We ended up winning the competition and tickets to see a show on the Strip! I was so proud of us! Yeah!

Last week was my first week of school and I was anxious for it, happy to have something to do, and I had a cold! Go figure! My class is really good so far and I really enjoy most of the students, however the like to talk! I have no idea how to end the chatting and I really hope that I don't have to rearrange the desks in the room so the students aren't in groups. Maybe I'll try it one day and see how the students like it. I don't know. This year is already a better year than last and I am hoping and praying it stays that way.

As for the dating aspect in my life-let's see...I went a few dates during summer break and I had a great time. On one, we went to a play called Aida which was adapted from the Broadway version. I loved it! It reminded me of when I was growing up when we went to the Oakley Opera House in Idaho to see plays with my family every summer! I miss those days. There is a guy that I am interested in, but fear talking to him because I know I will screw it up. But right now I just can't seem to do anything right in the relationship department, so I've decided to quite trying. I am just going to "let the chips fall where they may" and not worry about men.

Now that you are probably sleeping a ready to get off of this website, I ending it right now! Oh, I might be adding funny quotes from my favorite movies or TV shows just for laughs! Have a happy day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Change is gonna come...

There has been some major changes happening in my life lately and I am not sure if I like them. I have always struggled with change and it makes it all the worse when I have no family close by to talk to-or even get a good hug from. I can't even remember the last time I had a really good hug.

The end of the school year is coming and I am so excited for it, but I am so worried that I haven't taught my students anything worthwhile this year. I feel like I haven't done enough for them and I wish that there was some way I could tell them that. I am also nervous about starting my next year in school, I still feel very inadequate as a teacher and I don't know what to do! I am going to miss my class and really am going to have a hard time saying goodbye to them. I am also worried about new calling at church, I mean I am excited for it, but I am worried that I am not going to do a good job.

One of my roommates is getting married on Friday and I am going to miss her like crazy, it won't be the same around the house without her! I am so excited for her and she is going to be the best wife and mother! I also feel like I am getting left behind again. I'm not saying that I am desperate to get married, all I am saying is that I feel like life is running away from me.

I just wish that I wasn't feeling so insecure about me and my abilities with work, family, and other relationships that I have in my life. I am having a hard time trusting myself and my ability to make good judgements. So trusting other people is also just as hard. What am I going to do?! Sometimes I wish that I could seriously disappear from life for awhile, just so that I could take a break and get my bearings back-but that never happens does it? I mean even when you go on vacation, you never truly vacate your life do you?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Slow on the uptake?

Have you ever wondered why things are either happening too quickly or slowly in your life? Man I have. I was talking to my mom on the phone tonight and she said that the family decided that it takes me forever to clue-in on important things in life; prime examples dating and dressing like a girl. I was quite shocked to say the least about that statement, but after pondering on it for awhile, I realized she was right, she always is-

You see growing up I was always hanging out with the boys, because I thought girls talked too much about stupid stuff like clothes, make-up, and how cute boys were. I hated brushing my hair in elementary school and because of the natural curl I have it was all over the place and so the girls made fun of me. Anyway, to sum up-I preferred playing sports and proving to the boys that I was as good as them.

I even dressed like a boy. I hated girlie colors like pink and purple, so I always wore baggy T-Shirts that were bold colors like red, blue, and green. My shoes were basketball shoes, because they were the best shoes to run in, and my hair (when it was long enough) was always in a ponytail-pulled back flat and tight. I seriously didn't dress like a girl.

I finally clued in after I graduated High School. I mean I did occasionally dress all cutesy and stuff, but never did I own something pink until I was in college and one day I decided to try something new. I bought my first pink shirt! I wore it to work one day and this guy I liked stopped what he was doing, looked at me and said, "Dang, you look good in pink, you should wear it more often." From then on I was attached to the color pink.

Anyway, back to the whole uptake thing-

So I have been talking to several dear friends about dating recently and one of my guy friends told me that I should just go up to the guy I like, put my arms around his neck, and wait for him to either kiss me or pull away. Is that crazy or what?! I seriously don't think I could ever do that unless, I already knew the guy was into me that way. I don't think I could handle the embarrassment or rejection. What do you think? Is this another example of being slow on the uptake?

So those of you that know me, know that I am pretty outgoing and social, but when it comes time to spend one-on-one time with a guy, especially one that I like, I freeze and get a tongue-tied. Do you think because I was "one of the guys" growing up that I actually missed the important stuff like 'how to act around guys I like' or 'how to dress like a girl' or even 'what do I talk about on a date?' Seriously I need help. Any advice would be great! I don't want to be slow on the uptake anymore! HELP!